Ornamental Fish Farming Mega Project in West Bengal

March 23, 2012

Muslim Business Council of India in collaboration with State & Central Government, NGOs and other private firms has initiated a Mega Project of Ornamental Fish Farming in West Bengal.

The Mega Project consists of:

(a)    Establishment of Aqua Technology Park to supply good quality disease free ornamental fishes for the world market. The Aqua Technology Park will be at Nishchindapur, Shyampur, Howrah (near 58 Gate & Gadiara picnic spot) on an area of 10 acres.

(b)   Establishment of a Turtle (hatchery) Farm cum Mini Zoo at Nischindapur on an area of 8 acres. This farm will be the first of its kind in India.

(c)    Establishment of 5000 Satellite Ornamental Fisheries Backyard Farms throughout West Bengal by the way of formation of Women’s Ornamental Fisheries Co-operative Societies. The seed, food, technology, medicines etc., for these satellite farms will be provided by the Aqua Technology Park, which will also buy back the matured product for exports.

(d)   Establishment of an Ornamental Live Fish Handling Center for Imports & Exports at Kolkata Airport.

The mega project is scheduled to be completed and operational in the next 2 years and will generate employment for over 6000 individuals including 5000 rural women.

Email ariff@mbcoi.com or call 98361 89999 for any information or participation in this project.